Story of Facebook’s Stocks

“Many people are getting rich, but given most of the people who matter going forward view it as a total failure, this could be one of the biggest tech IPO strategy blunders ever.”

This was the initial tale told by Forbes’ blogger Patrick Moorhead when during Facebook’s IPO, and he wasn’t alone. When Facebook’s IPO launched, nearly every financial outlet was advising to sell, sell, sell. And for the most part, critic’s inflections haven’t changed. MarketWatch blogger Jeff Reeves says that investors aren’t “investors aren’t guaranteed a happy ending” even though the stocks are up 220% since the IPO.

What does this all mean, some may ask. It means that maybe new new media outlets aren’t ready for stock markets yet. Because on the first week after Facebook’s IPO, several other new new media sites like LinkedIn were down around 5%.

Maybe it’s time for the consumers to become the investors as well as the producers. Maybe that’s already beginning to happen. Hopefully if it is, we’ll see more evidence of it very soon.


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